Team Lead

Nate Ingerson

“Nobody stays at companies for this long anymore -- people are surprised when I tell them. But to me, every couple years, it’s like working at a new place because there’s rapid change in what we do.”

~ Nate


From drag racing cars to off-roading ATVs, the heart-pounding thrill that comes from gaining speed is what keeps Nate happy. Ironically, that same thrill is also what’s kept him satiated professionally at Innovative Solutions since 1999.

As Team Lead and Account Manager, a role he’s been in for five years now, Nate is accountable for the IT blueprint for about two dozen clients, as well as leading a team of more than half a dozen people who oversee a rapidly-growing portfolio of accounts.  

Obviously not one to sit still, prior to becoming Team Lead, Nate held roles as PC tech, systems admin, systems engineer, and Director of Technical Services at Innovative. During those years, he not only gained extensive experience in hardware and software, applications, advanced server work, and backup and disaster recovery solutions; he also watched with admiration as the industry grew and evolved.  Nate evolved too.  He naturally learned what it took to lead people in meaningful ways.

Aside from its constant evolution, Nate is particularly in love with his work in IT when he’s directly interfacing with clients to help them build IT solutions that support their business for years to come, making it possible for them to do their job more efficiently, and relieving the inherent business risk that comes with storing data.

His passion for IT started early on, when he earned a two-year degree from Monroe Community College in electrical engineering technology before transferring to RIT for information technology. Funding his education on his own, Nate left RIT after one year and began working at R. Brooks Associate as a PC Tech. He honed his tech skills further at Eastman Kodak before a friend recruited him for Innovative in 1999.

Since his years of formal education, Nate has made perpetual education a hallmark of his professional and personal life, taking classes through organizations such as Dale Carnegie, HR Works, Rochester Business Alliance, and more. The pervasive need to keep learning in IT and management is yet another reason Nate finds himself -- and his need for motion -- perfectly satisfied day after day, and year after year.

Nate’s longevity at one company isn’t the only thing that sets him apart from the typical IT stereotype, though. His other differentiator: You won’t find Nate sitting still playing video games when he’s not at the office.

His need for speed extends beyond the IT industry, fueling his competitive side as he races both cars and ATVs. Having gained a natural affinity for mechanics from his dad, Nate owns a Mustang that he can be found working on regularly from his home in Brighton.  

His persistent craving for adrenaline is offset by yoga, gym workouts, and hiking around Rochester and the Finger Lakes with his wife, Christina. Happiest when on the water, the pair spends a week each summer in Cape Cod, relaxing on the beach and indulging in fresh seafood, while also interspersing trips to Florida throughout the year to visit Nate’s parents.

Adrenaline, speed, and change are at the forefront of Nate’s needs, while honesty, courage, and strategy are amongst his top values. He finds himself at home as part of Innovative’s leadership team, where he’s happy to find ways each and every day to give back to a company that’s given him so much.