Innovative in the RBJ - October 30, 2018

Innovative Solutions preparing move to Riverwood Tech Campus

By Gino Fanelli

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Innovative Solutions preparing move to Riverwood Tech Campus

By Gino Fanelli - October 30, 2018


In one month’s time, the team at Innovative Solutions will move to their new digs at the Riverwood Tech Campus, a 350,000-square-foot former Eastman Kodak site off East River Road in Henrietta that has lain dormant for about 30 years.

CEO of Innovative Solutions Justin Copie has not been shy to talk about it. In fact, for the past year, Copie has been a champion of the new space as a place where the new wave of Rochester tech will flourish. An IT solutions firm, Innovative and its team of 70 currently calls Winton Place home, in a building that has quickly run out of space for expansion. That’s partly due to Copie’s mission of not just wanting a space for the company to grow, but for young startups to have a place to workshop, find their bearings and become a viable company. In November of last year, Boonle LLC, a company that connects design students with freelance gigs, became the first startup to set up shop at Innovative. As of October, our companies were working out of Innovative’s space.

That’s not enough for Copie, who sees upwards of 12 startups sharing space at their $2.1 million, 13,000-square-foot space at Riverwood.

“We are literally creating a new standard for tech office space,” Copie said at a press conference on Monday, Oct. 29. “We live in a world where cognitive skills are becoming more and more important by the day. It’s paramount that we create work environments that align with these unique skills, and foster a new kind of work culture where most of us spend more than half of our waking hours.”

As part of Innovative’s space at Riverwood, 4,000 square feet will be dedicated to an “innovation lab” filled to the brim with “toys and technology” meant to inspire Innovative employees and startups to flex their creative muscles.

Though Innovative hopes to set the groundwork for what Rochester’s future tech workplaces will look like, they are certainly not alone at Riverwood. Manufacturing managing consultant E-Logic, wearable tech company Token and print management software company Pharos all will call the campus home. As a campus that emphasizes business culture, the amenities include a full gym, 30 miles of hiking and skiing trails, a food truck pavilion, a fishing pond and a slew of other quality-of-life pieces. Fred Rainaldi Jr. is the developer of the Riverwood campus.

Monday was dubbed “More Jobs Day” in Monroe County. Riverwood is serving as a keynote of the conversation about economic growth in Monroe County, through a partnership between Imagine Monroe and Innovative. Imagine Monroe is an economic development initiative which seeks to create jobs through strategic partnerships and support of business development plans.

“I believe Innovative Solutions represents not only the very best of our present, but also the very best of our future has to offer to grow more jobs in Monroe County,” said county executive Cheryl Dinolfo.

“Look around you—what you’re seeing behind me is a $2.1 million, 13,000-square-foot expansion which will help Innovative Solutions create 15 jobs and retain close to 70 more.”

In total, Dinolfo expects Imagine Monroe’s partnership with the Riverwood Campus to create 120 new jobs and retain over 100 existing jobs in Monroe County. In total, Dinolfo said her strategy through Imagine Monroe has created 19,000 jobs in Rochester since she took office in 2015.

“The days of sitting back and waiting for businesses to come are absolutely over and gone,” Dinolfo said. “Our modern economic development strategy is boots on the ground, meeting with employers face to face and sealing the deal when the time comes…and our hands-on approach to economic development is paying off.”