Centralized Manufacturing Made Easy with AWS

Centralized Manufacturing Made Easy With AWS, Get A Free Assessment

With recent changes in government tariffs, local manufacturing pressure from customers, and government-imposed changes, many manufacturing businesses are losing money. We help those companies develop a strategy to work within regulatory guidelines in a more cost-effective manner. For instance, our team has helped our customers with manufacturing operations in other countries that need to be able to access the same systems in real-time. 

Solution Opportunities

When you partner with Innovative, you get just that, a partner. You won’t receive cookie cutter solutions, because the team at Innovative understands that every challenge is unique. As such, we will first work to understand your needs, then design and implement a proof of concept (POC) that is specific to your workload and business. That way, you can understand how your specific technology will run and operate in AWS.


The Benefits of AWS



No data center contracts or physical hardware, and you can pay as you go, for as long as you need it

Easily access info, anywhere 

access info, anywhere

Access your data from anywhere in real time allowing multiple facilities to work in tandem


Scalable for the future

Start with a few users for the proof of concept and scale accordingly as your organization adopts the cloud


SECURELY access info 

Access systems securely from anywhere regardless of the source network


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